Saugeen Rail Trail Association Seeks More Funding

November 27, 2019

Southhampton | by John Divinski  

The volunteer group usually asks council for $15,000 each year

Courtesy of Rail Trail Association Facebook page 

The volunteer group usually asks council for $15,000 each year, but in a presentation to Committee of the Whole on November 25th, Association President Jessica Carter says escalating operating costs to maintain the trails, has resulted in a $5,000 boost to the ask.

Carter says, “In order to provide the same level of trail maintenance (as in other years) and hopefully expansion, that’s why were asking for the additional $5,000.”

She says volunteers spend countless hours maintaining the trails year round and they have an aggressive plan for 2020.

Among other things, they hope to extend the trail to Carlisle Street and Denny’s Dam and when the time comes, extend the trail with stone dust into the proposed Lamont Sports Park.

But with the good comes the bad.

Vandalism on the trails is still an issue.

The Memorial Garden in Southampton and the Pavilion at River Street in Port Elgin were targets multiple times this past spring and summer.

Carter urges anyone who sees the vandalism to report it to authorities.

Councillors will consider the funding request during their budget deliberations.

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