The Rail Trail Association is an interested group of volunteer citizens and user organizations dedicateGetAttachment-1.aspxd to the operation and maintenance of the trail. Volunteer labour, community funding and memberships continue to maintain and build the trail.

The Committee

Joyce Scammell – President for 2015 Silver Jubilee;

Dave Cheer – Vice-President (representing farm/lands issues);

Bruce Alexander – Past President;

Gerry Boucher – Public Relations/Fundraising and Trail Manager;

Cathy Spence – Treasurer;

Larry Van Wormer – Secretary;

Corrina SerdaMember-at-large

Fred Schildroth – Member-at-Large

Gabrielle de Francesco – Member-at-Large

Derek Stevenson – Member-at-Large

Municipal Representatives

  • Cheryl Grace – Member at Large and Trail Enthusiast