“Trains to Ships”Silver Jubilee Project

Trains to Ships

Picture and release from The Saugeen Times, July 19, 2015

Trains To Ships Silver Jubilee Project

To honor our 25th year of preserving the Saugeen Rail Trail, our association is  launching the 2 following memorial and historical projects:

  • 3D Train Mural project – Commissioned to the artist Lambertus DeGraaf – Southampton Market
  • “Harbour of Refuge Trains to Ships” Memorial History Train Station Gazebo

Project 1

The mural artist Lambertus DeGraaf has been commissioned to paint on the Southampton Market a unique mural to

commemorate CN Train Yard and village with a 3D train mural coming out of the old furniture factory. – – Estimated fundraising goal: $14,000.00 –  –

Project 2

The Rail Trail association will built a new accessible, maintenance free, 20X16 gazebo on Emerald St. Rail Trail Head. Named “Harbour of Refuge”, the gazebo will be designed with pictorial history panels, written by historian Jeff Hemming, presenting some important events of local history. Estimated fundraising goal: $35,000.00

Who will benefit from this project

All trail users, local residents and tourists will benefit from this project. It is our way to encourage using the trail for various outdoor activities, and to preserve the natural beauty and local history of the area.

Why these projects are important

The Emerald St. Rail Trail Head is the only fully accessible stop in Southampton area; it provides a starting point and parking area for trail users and tourists; the location preserves a local historical railroad site, which will be communicated historically and visually through our 2 projects.


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