RailTrail Updates

August 13, 2017: Annual Memorial Ceremony

Family and friends gathered for the annual memorial ceremony at the Saugeen RailTrail Memorial Gardens at Peel and Grosvenor Streets. A new gazebo, funded through private donations and organizations, such as the Southampton Rotary Club, was also officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

August, 2017: Bicycle Friendly Community Program

As part of the Saugeen Shores application for a Bicycle Friendly Community Program, we have installed a basic bicycle repair tool set at the River Street Trail Head location. As you will note in the photos, this location also serves as a charging station for electric bikes and mobility scooters. This new equipment has been supplied by the Town of Saugeen Shores, Recreation Dept. All comments are appreciated.



June, 2017: Poison Ivy on the trail

There’s lot’s of poison ivy growing along the Railtrail and all local trails. Weeds love all that rain. For more information about poison ivy visit Canada.ca – poison ivy. Note: Animals cannot get a rash but they can transfer the oil on their fur. All parts of the plant contain a poisonous resin Urushiol which causes the rash. Here is a picture of poison ivy to help you spot it in the wild.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Photo courtsey of Bev White

June 20, 2017: New accessible train station under construction at RailTrail Memorial Garden

Work continues on the new accessible train station gazebo at the Saugeen RailTrail Memorial Garden in Southampton, located at Peel and Grosvenor Street. This will complete the “Trains to Ships” 25th Silver Jubilee projects began by the RailTrail in 2015.


June 11, 2017: Students give the RailTrail Train Station a much-needed facelift

After 5 years of Mother Nature with her sun and weather, it was time for the RailTrail Train Station in Port Elgin to get a facelift. The station, located where the original train station once stood, was constructed by Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) students under the direction of teacher Bud Halpin. Once again, SDSS students stepped forward, and the station was given a fresh coat of paint by the “period 4 Technology Class” under the guidance of teacher, Howard Barker. Paint and supplies were provided by the Port Elgin Rotary Club.





Photos courtesy of Saugeen Times

November 4th, 2016: 50 Red Blaze Maples

50 Red Blaze Maples were planted along the trail system to mark our 25th anniversary. We invite you to enjoy their beauty as they are now at their peak. In addition, the new Southampton Trail Station is in progress and you can see its development over the next couple of weeks.






July 19, 2015, The Saugeen Times

Trains to Ships


PortElgin StationIn 2012, a replica of the historical Port Elgin Train Station was built by SDSS teacher Bud Halpin’s Technical Construction students and the Town of Saugeen Shores. Because of the Port Elgin Rotary Club’s generous financial support they received naming rights, becoming the “The Port Elgin Rotary Club Accessible Trail Head.”

Thanks to many of your historical partners: J.C Hemming, Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre-Archives, the Ambrose Zettler Family, Ken Thornburn, Elwood Thompson and donors: Tow of Saugeen Shores, Port Elgin Rotary, Dan Murawsky architect, teacher Bud Halpin and students of Saugeen District Secondary School, SRTA, Peter and Jill Gauthier owners of Port Elgin Home Hardware, Bruce Telecom, Chantry Island Chamb-etts, Super 8 Motel, South Port Horticulture, Ontario Power Generation, Martin’s Bicycle Shop, Jeff Ackert Construction, and many more.


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