Greetings Members of the Saugeen Rail Trail!

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope that you are safe and healthy as we delve into 2021.  While the current Covid climate may still seem a little bleak, we are so fortunate in our community to have many ways to be active outside.  Of course, the Saugeen Rail Trail as well as various woodland and bush trails provide outlets to be active, be safely distanced with others, and have FUN while outdoors.  Trails are used for walking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

To help everyone get outside this winter, the Saugeen Rail Trail Association has teamed up with the Town of Saugeen Shores to groom sections of trails in our community.  Please see the attached media release with lots of information and links about this effort throughout the winter.  Board members Bruce Alexander, Gerry Boucher, and Bob Hunter are leading this grooming charge along with Rail Trail volunteers.  Thank you for your time and efforts in making the trails in our community accessible to enjoy year-round!
If you are out on the trails this season, please snap a picture or take a quick video to share!  Please tag the Saugeen Rail Trail on Facebook or Instagram so we can see your adventures.
Thank you for being a member of this amazing trail system!
Jessica Carter
Town of Saugeen Shores News 1/11/2021 3:43:54 PM


Winter amenities: get out and explore

Saugeen Shores has enhanced its outdoor offerings to provide more opportunities to get outside and more amenities to enhance the experience. While enjoying our trails please follow all posted signs, share the trail, respect other users and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

The winter trail maintenance program is delivered by the Saugeen Rail Trail Association in collaboration with the Town. The group has permission to operate a snow machine and grooming equipment on designated trails. Equipment is marked with maintenance signage and light.

 Winter trail program

Designated winter trails

The following winter trails are maintained and groomed regularly, weather permitting. When snow conditions allow, cross country ski and snow shoe tracks will run parallel to packed trail. Walkers, please do not walk on the tracks.

  • Saugeen Rail Trail
  • Woodland Trail
  • Biener Bush Trails

Trails that are not listed are not maintained during the winter months. Use at your own risk.

Permitted uses

  • Hiking and walking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross country skiing

Share the trail and keep dogs on leash. Do not walk on cross country ski or snowshoe tracks. Motorized vehicles are not permitted at any time.

Plan your outdoor adventure

The following resources can help you plan:

 Winter trail etiquette and COVID-19 safety protocols
While enjoying the outdoors, please remember:

COVID-19 safety protocols

  • Stay 2 metres apart from others outside your household
  • Avoid crowding at trail entrances
  • Choose a different trail or time of day if your regular spots are busy
  • Move to the side when approaching others
  • Say ‘hello’ as you pass familiar faces instead of stopping to chat

Winter trail etiquette

  • Do not walk on cross country ski or snow shoe tracks
  • Share the trail, show courtesy for all users
  • Alert other users when approaching from behind
  • Stoop and scoop, and keep dogs on-leash
  • Leave no trace put garbage in its place
  • Stay on the trail, respect private property and natural vegetation
 Year-round washroom and garbage facilities
Search our parks and trails listing for more information about locations and amenities.

 Public washroom facilities
These public washrooms are open during the winter months:

Additional portable washrooms (due to COVID-19):

 Garbage receptacles

 Port Elgin and Saugeen Township

  • 10th Concession trailhead parking area (Biener’s Bush and Woodland Trail)
  • Biener’s Bush/Bushline Trail access from Summerside Place
  • Lane at Hilker and Gustavus Street
  • North Shore Park (at harbour parking lot)
  • Nodwell Park
  • Off Leash Dog Park
  • Pierson Park
  • Port Elgin Harbour (by office)
  • Port Elgin Main Beach (between Beach Side Cafe and volleyball courts)
  • Saugeen Rail Trail at River St
  • Throughout Downtown Port Elgin (on Goderich St between Elgin and Catherine St)


  • Chantry View Drive by beach access
  • Denny’s Dam
  • Fairy Lake (at High St entrance)
  • Fisherman’s Park
  • Helliwell Park
  • Jubilee Park
  • Long Dock parking area (at Gerry’s Fast Food)
  • Millard Blvd/Southampton Flag (near washroom)
  • Perkins Park (beside washroom)
  • Saugeen Rail Trail at Memorial Gardens (Peel St side)
  • South Street at Rail Trail access
  • South Street by beach access
  • Throughout Downtown Southampton (on High St)


  Explore the Shores: local itineraries
 Check out these local itineraries and enjoy winter in your own backyard.

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